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Paintings inspired by Finnish Myths

In Finnish mythology there is character called Utu-Neito the mist maiden.
Mist Maidens are ethereal water/air spirits. During twilight mist you might see them dancing above waters on lakes, streams and ponds. They also sing beautiful songs.
It is believed when it is not misty mist maidens live in the bottom of the lakes.

Original is available here.

In Finnish Mythology we have special group of elves called "Maahinen". Their name comes from the word "Maa" meaning earth. Maahinen is an earth bound creature. They are sometimes also known as "Menninkäinen". They live underground in cozy homes that are very similar to human homes. They are small and they have round faces. Maahinen knows a lot about earth medicine and healing powers of nature. They have special kind of magick. Some Maahinen are known to have their own animals and cattle. 

"Menninkäistyttö" Original is available here. 

Forests are filled with fairies and other "invisible" spirits.

"Forest in the mist" Original is available here. 

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Animal Paintings inspired by Finnish Mythology

I've always been very found of Finnish mythology. It is very shamanistic, embraces nature connection and humans companionship with animals.

"Firefox and the northern lights"

In Finnish mythology Northern Lights are created by magical firefox Tulikettu when it runs in the snowy hills and it's fur touches the snow it creates magical sparkles that are seen as aurora borealis. This is one of my favorite folk tales from Finnish mythology. 

Original is available in my etsy-store. 

In Finnish mythology Cuckoo is a bird of destiny. Eastern Finnish poem tells from the moon maiden who weaves people's destinies. 

From her tears became three rivers. From three rivers rise three hills. On three hills there was three birch trees. On the top of the birch trees there was three cuckoos. People who passed these trees and heard the Cuckoos singing got a change from Cuckoos to hear their destiny. Smartest ones chose not to. Because one should always follow their own star and find their own path.

Mixed Media on Canvas. Original is available here.

Often I get inspired by nature. It is always magical experience to see northern lights and I paint them quite often.

Watercolor and acrylics on paper.

Original is available here also digital prints available here. 

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Snakes in Finnish and Baltic Folklore (Video)

Beliefs towards snakes are in fact quite similar in Finland and Baltic countries. Snake has very interesting origins according to myths. 

torstai 4. toukokuuta 2017

Paganism in the republic of Finland (video)

Some of the most common questions that I get frequently what is paganism like in Finland. This video is based on my own experiences and I hope it answers to this question. 

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Finnish Mythology: Foxes (Video)

Foxes have very interesting origins in Finnish Mythology. Story of the fox is also intertwined with northern lights.