lauantai 12. joulukuuta 2015

Whale Art

Hello Blogging world!

It's an artistic update for a change!
I've been painting a lot lately but mostly school projects.
Studying illustrating in the UK is bit like studying to be prime Ballerina in Russia
...well maybe not that strict but teachers thrive you to be more ambitious with your art.
Finns can be quite wussy what it comes to ambition.

This autumn theme was animals and doors.
I've been painting lot's of tigers, parrots and whales.

There is something really fascinating about whales.
They are extremely important animals for eco-system.
I wish they would ban the whale hunting in Japan. It's just sick to use mashed whale teeth as potential drugs. This is one twisted world where we are living.. no only the people are twisted.

Anyways.. here is amazing orca

Watercolor and ink
(c) Niina Niskanen


Original is available in my Etsy-shop

"Moby's forest"
(c) Niina Niskanen
Acrylic on canvas

You might guessed title for this one came from Moby Dick. I actually borrowed Melville's book from library and plan to read it on Winter Break. I've heard some good reviews on it. Will see if I like it. 
At least I like whale symbolism

Submitted to Paint Party Friday
I'm off to on-line art tour now

Thanks for stopping by

8 kommenttia:

  1. I am a whale lover too and this is lovely!

    1. Thank you Susan. Whales are amazing creatures indeed!

  2. These are gorgeous paintings! It really saddens me to knowing there is so much animal poaching all over the world.There's just no valid reason for it.

  3. Your work is awesome. I too, love whales. Man is greedy. It's all about money. Anything that can make someone money no matter what. It is sad.

    1. Thank you Jo. Yes you are right it's all about money.. unfortunately.

  4. Living on the Oregon coast we see several types of whale they are so beautiful and majestic. Like you paintings.

  5. Lucky you seeing whales they are gorgeous.