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Harry Potter world. Trip to Warner Brother's studio

Hello Blogging world!

It's been a while I hope all my readers are doing great.
Such hectic time I've been living. I spent October back in Finland.
I finally got in to the surgery that I was already supposed to have in August.
Better late than never.

I returned to UK last week.I spent few days in London and made a trip to the Harry Potter world
in the Warner Brothers studio.

It was freaking amazing!! True Harry Potter fan dream.
All authentic pros, costumes and sets of the movies.
I loved every second of it. Highly recommend to all Harry Potter fans who visit London.

I took about 200 photos and share some of them now with you.

Great hall





Harry's 1st year robe

Yule ball

Gryffindor commonroom

Boys corridor in Gryffindor tower

Potion class

Door to the Chamber of Secrets

House cup & Golden egg

Dumbledore's office

Hagrid's House

The Burrow

Movie clip I took at the Burrow

Little movie clip I took at the "Dungeons"

Umbridge's office

Freaky pink lady

Death eaters masks

Great clock of Hogwarts


Lupin's wardrobe


Hogwarts express



Gilderoy Lockhart's books

Diagon Alley

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy

Overall tour was amazing experience. 
I took so many photos and Butter beer was surprisingly good.

It definitely gave me some artistic inspiration as well.

Have a great day everyone and I hope you enjoyed this HP-photo-fan posting


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