perjantai 24. heinäkuuta 2015

Art Exhibition Opening

Hello blogging world

I've been a busy bee. 

I had art exhibition opening last week and I had such great time
I met some friends I haven't met in a while. There was great art, music and food.
Thank you so much for all my pals who visited.

And to you who visit my blog as well.

Here are some photos: 

Paintings on the wall

This section was mostly inspired by the Finnish mythology and folklore

These ones by nature and it's wonders

Me and one of my oil color works

My friend Sari (who's music you can hear in my YouTube Painting videos) played some fantastic kantele music.

Submitted to Paint Party Friday

Thank you for stopping by
Have a great weekend everyone

sunnuntai 12. heinäkuuta 2015

Sunday Sketches: dream summer

Hello Blogging world :)

I'm really behind with my blog posts. Exhibition coming up next week so exiting. 
It's my last one in Finland for a while. 

Moving a country is a strange thing. 
I think I will miss Finnish landscapes more than Finnish people :) lol

I will miss my friends, family and cats of course.

So far summer has been windy and rainy. I've done imaginary trips to pretty forests and sunny beaches.

I also decided to join Sunday Sketches
I hope to find some cool new art blogs to follow.

Here is one of the paintings going to exhibition.

Amethyst forest

"Amethyst Forest"
Oil on canvas
(c) Niina Niskanen

I must tell you this was my first oil color painting for 10 years. 
I am very pleased with it. I had a photo reference but it was more for inspiration than actual model.
I see have quite impressionistic style with oil colors. 

I still identify myself as water-colorist

You can't escape your first love can't you ;)

Another one with forest theme First sun rays

"First sun rays"
Watercolor on acid free watercolor paper
(c) Niina Niskanen

Painting video:

Sunset beach work-in-process

Thank you for stopping by
Stay creative


tiistai 7. heinäkuuta 2015

Amethyst forest - Art Exhibition

Amethyst Forest - Art Exhibition 

Art exhibition Amethyst Forest fills the walls of handcraft shop Venka&Vinka in July/August 2015.

Artist Niina Niskanen opens a doorway between two worlds in her new solo exhibition. Artist is known from her very narrative painting style. Exhibition includes dreamy landscapes and little glimps to the world of Finnish mythology and folklore. Niskanen uses variety of techniques in her works such oilpainting, watercolors and mosaic art. 

Art Exhibition opening
 July 18th 2015 11am
 Venka&Vinka, Oulu marketplace, Aitta 16 (Saaristonkatu) 90100 Oulu

You might also come across some musical performances in the exhibition opening 

Amethyst forest - Art exhibition

July 18th 2015 to August 30th 2015 

Tuesday - Friday 11-17:00
Saturday 12-15:00
 Venka&Vinka, Oulu marketplace, Aitta 16 (Saaristonkatu) 90100 Oulu

Artist Niina Niskanen

Niina Niskanen (born 1987) is artist, illustrator and art&craft instructor originally from Northern Finland. She has kept numerous solo and group exhibition in Finland and abroad and in autumn 2015 she is moving to England to continue her studies among illustrative art.

For more info:

keskiviikko 1. heinäkuuta 2015

Cuckoo in the forest

Mixed Media/Collage

Time goes so fast. Few months and I'm moving to Wales to continue my art studies.
Before that I share some of my latest paintings with you.

I have art exhibition coming up within few weeks.
If you are travelling in Oulu area be shore to stop by at Venka&Vinka

"Cuckoo" is combination of acrylic and paper collage.

Cuckoo is very important bird in the Finnish mythology.
It's also known as the bird of destiny.

First cuckoo means the arrival of summer.

Sick and old people have counted years for their funerals and young people for their weddings from the cuckoo sounds.

Eastern Finnish poem tells from the moon maiden who weaves people's destinies. 
From maiden tears became three rivers. From three rivers rise three hills. On three hills there was three birch trees. On the top of the birch trees there was three cuckoos. Cuckoos can tell peoples destinies for those who come across with them.

"First sun rays"

Forest wakes up to the first sun rays.

Watercolor on acid free watercolor paper.

I filmed my painting process. You can find it here:

Submitted to Paint Party Friday and Teemakuu

Thank you for visiting