torstai 9. huhtikuuta 2015

Creative Tuesday: Happy (journey of becoming whole)

Hello blogging world!

Above you can see the artworks I did for Teemakuu march theme that was mixed media

Creative Tuesday new theme is happy. 
My moods have been up and down lately.
 I recommend you to read my previous post here and return so you'll get the bigger picture.

In my previous post I wrote about my bad bullying experiences and mental violence that exist in the school world.  
I was asked how I overcame from the bad experiences so this blog post is about  my journey becoming whole and finding balance and happiness.

Mental violence causes shame

There is three kinds of shame

Why - shame

Why that person doesn't like me? Why that person treats others equally but not me? 
Why- shame causes low-self confidence.

There is hidden shame

Person is shamed of some features in his/herself and learns to hide them. Person builds a wall around them and wears a mask so to speak. This kind of shame is often related to fear. One fears to reveal things from themselves.

There is forbidden shame

People who deny the feelings of shame. If  in the growing or working environment showing one's feelings or weaknesses aren't allowed to show person easily becomes self-adsorbed and it's difficult to find flaws in oneself.

Conscience is persons inner experience. Both feelings and knowledge.
Feeling guilt is different than feeling shame.
Feeling guilt means ability to regret things.

We all feel guilt and shame at some points in our lives.
That school violence and indifferent behavior of the teachers was forbidden subject to speak about in my previous school has made it very difficult for me to handle all these issues. I don't wish those people to think they are bad persons but I do hope that instead of denying the problems people would be brave and talk about them openly and try to find solutions. Indifferent behavior only makes things worse.

Here is my newest painting called "Guidance"

(c) Niina Niskanen

My guidance are my intuition and my conscience. 
After understanding that I don't need to feel shame for my own vulnerability and sensitivity.  I've been able to become whole and for that I'm happy and grateful.

Also submitting to Paint Party Friday

Love light and creativity to you all