maanantai 29. heinäkuuta 2013

Creative tuesday: forest

This time creative tuesday theme is forest. I tought to make some mixed media art once again. Here I used one of my old prints from my artwork called "Sorella" (she is a mermaid) and then I just cutted forrest themed leaves and lot's of green color. Im not completely happy with it yet so I might continue the page in the future.

Artwork can be found on my new mixed media artbook I made for myself. I went trought my very old drawings and paintings and I decided to make a booklet for them. Here I can always find them now.

Here is the spread with the forrest mermaid. Picture next to it si called "fires at midnight". My fist try with acrylics long ago.. so long ago I didn't know that acrylics aren't very good with thin paper :)

Some of my human studies can be found also.

And very old fan-art. These are inspired by Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings :)

I've finished two more to my fairy alphabet-serier with these I participate to the Paint Party Friday (for the first time yeii!)

D is for Dalia

E is for Elaine

Thank you for visiting!

sunnuntai 14. heinäkuuta 2013

Creative tuesday: ships


My entry for this weeks creative tuesday. Theme is "ships". As you can see I made a turtle-ship.
Drawn with ball-point-pen to my sketch book.

Continuing with sea-theme. Here is a painting I did on aquarell course and forgot to upload here. It is Paikea from my favorite movie "the whalerider"
and here is some music from the film. It's really hauntedly beautiful.

We are getting close to my hundred's post and Im having a little giveaway then. Stay tuned...

torstai 11. heinäkuuta 2013

Illustration friday: Protest

Illustration friday: Protest

This is Miska from the moomins. Im making moomin-oracle tarot (just for my own use) and Miska represents Anarchy.