maanantai 24. kesäkuuta 2013

Creative tuesdays: moving


                                                     Good morning world!

What a beautiful day it is. Time to take part on creative tuesday once again. This time theme is moving. I've applied for illustration / graphic design school few weeks ago and now I wait for the results. If I luckily get accepted I'll be moving in august/september.

So here is my take on "moving". I hope I get to the new school and find lot's of inspiration. Autumn is my favorite time of the year that is why there are autumn colors. I did this on my current artjournal. Mixed media piece with different papers and some broken prints of my fairies:) but it's on a good use now.

I just got scanned paintings I did on aquarell- course on may. I really enjoyed aquarell technique. So much tranquility and freedom.

Here is my "King of the forrest" Painted wet- on -wet.

"Don't go" is my personal favorite. I smiled during whole painting process.

This one is called "fragile". I was very sad when I painted the lady. I think painting came out very pretty.

Beautiful summerdays everyone

torstai 13. kesäkuuta 2013

Creative Tuesday : Alphabets (with a twist)


                                                             Hello World!

I hope all my readers are doing good. I've had one crazy spring. I just graduated in may (art and craft instructor). This year finnishing the last studies was very difficult for me since they autumn and this spring were very hectic.

It's all behind now and Im spending summerholiday. During last weeks at school I was on aquarell painting course. Oh.. I loved it and I learned so much :)
Anyways we did a "nature trip" on that course. We went hiking to a fairytale forrest and drew there and took photos.

Here are some photos I took. It was one of the most magical places I've seen. We have lots of forrests here in Finland but this one wasn't touched by humans it was completely protected :

It was time to took part on Creative Tuesday again. This time theme is "Alphabets".

I got carried away with one of the previous themes which was "monogram" and then I painted this fairy of letter "A"

A- is for Agatha

I like the way she came out so I tought to continue combining fairies with alphabets.

B is for Belle

C is for Coraline

Next ones are "D" and "E" and so on..

I hope you all have beautiful summerdays