maanantai 25. helmikuuta 2013

Creative tuesday voyage

Hello world!

Sometimes life is so stressfull and you just have to take a deep breath close your eyes and imagine that you are somewhere far far away.... maybe not even in this world but in your own.


Seaprincess was inspired by japanese folklore and the story of sea princess. She is worshipped by sailors and fishermens and when you honor the sea you honor her also.

This is my entry for creative tuesday challenge. This time theme is "voyage". In this case I have a spiritual voyage. On the back of the princess there is mandala. I was actually making the mandala first only but then I changed my mind and painted the princess also.

I've been making mandalas quite frequently lately. It's also an artistic voyage and artist journey to discover new things.

Im adding some new products with this painting to my zazzle store also. If there is anyone else in zazzle it would be nice to visit fellow artists shops also so you can send me links.

Inspirational monday to all