lauantai 26. tammikuuta 2013

Creative tuesday Lighthouse

Hello World!

I just love to start blogposts like that. Once again I took part on creative tuesday. This time theme is "lighthouse".  Above you can see my lighthouse painting. Medium watercolors.

Lighthouses are very pretty. I've only been to few. This two pictures are from Hailuoto. It's an island in near coast in Finland. There is this lovely lighthouse and a little fisher village. We took a walk to the top.. so many stairs. Lighthouse guardians must have been in good shape back then:)

Fisher village has beautiful athmosphere and Hailuoto itself is amazing to visit.

Continuing my fairies. Flower fairies are of course the most known fairies and I realized if Im a fairyartist why I haven't painted flowerfairies? Now I started first is the "Marygold Fairy". Model is a friend of mine who love flowers, fairies and gardening.

Last Halloween I had swap with a blogfriend Mina from green witch with sprinkles blog.
She was very sweet and sent me fabrics to my quiltworks. They are gorgeous!

I also got a new wand and such pretty butterfly necklace.
Thank you Mina:)

This is 81:th post. When I get to 100:th I think I have a giveaway. Would a comission painting be a good price?

Thank you for visiting
Love and fairydust

tiistai 8. tammikuuta 2013

Creative Tuesday Birthday theme and spring awakening

Good morning all!

I hope your christmas and new year went well. Im feeling myself bit sick. I think Im getting a flu.. not fun at all.

I took part on "creative tuesday" again. I just bought a new sketch book and searched my lovely
color pencils. So for a change I didn't use watercolor. Theme was "birthday something".

My "birthday somethings" are cupcakes.

Photo came out bit too bright. Colors aren't really that "red".

Here is link to creativetuesdays

Weird things happen on new year. Firsth of january we had very strange weather. Snow started to melt and water was dropping everyweher. That is strange since usually in Finland january is the coldest month. It felt very much like spring and I wanted to paint something springy.

And I painted "Spring awakening"

Nature goddess wakes the sleeping earth. Of course nothing wont last. After next day. It started snowing again and cold winds started again. So I have to wait 'till april for the next "april shower".
But I really like the painting I came up with.
I used watercolors and acrylics with the leaves.
(c) Niina Niskanen 2013

I made my very first youtube video!
It's all about my fairies. Please take a look.

I added my favorite fairypainting and music is from my favorite band of minstrels Blackmore's Night!

Thank you for visiting please come back soon!