lauantai 9. kesäkuuta 2012

Niina's super duper Card Contest


Hello there all you wonderful people!

For sometime I've been thinking that I should print some postcards from my artworks.

Of course I already have few places selling my art as postcard
like [link] and [link]

But in this case I would sell cards trought my web-page/blogs [link] [link]
and who know's if my cards gets reaally popular I might make some prints and posters aswell.

This is where you guys come in. I have many works in deviantart also in my facebook fanpage [link]
and in flickr [link] . Go to some of these sites. Choose 3 artworks you would like to see as postcard and one of them must
be winter/christmas related! then you send me an e-mail and there must be your contact info
names of the artworks you would like to see as cards and please write some information about that why did you choced those cards.

You got time all the way 'till september 1st 2012. I'll draw three winners (or maybe more who knows) and these winners get
free comissioned artworks from me, posters and of course postcards!

Any questions:) pop me with a note

Love light
and fairyflight

sunnuntai 3. kesäkuuta 2012

Illustration friday: Hurry and some summer leaves

Illustration friday's challenge this week is "Hurry". I decided to paint something bit different. You'll see my fox isn't in a hurry. He is quitly sleeping in autumn forrest.

I love foxes. Such beautiful animals.

Here is a leafornament. This is a comissioned illustration.

Thank you so much for visiting:)

Love and light
and fairyflight