sunnuntai 26. elokuuta 2012


Time for some new art  yeeiíi!

I took part on creative tuesday. This time the theme is "curls". Since it didn't needed to be curls in hair I tought I would paint a fairygirl into a swirly and curly nature swing.

Stripe socks.. gotta love them:)
Original painting is on sale at my etsy shop here.

There is still time to enter my contest/questionaire (see the previous post). September 1st is coming soon:)

Thank you for visiting and looking my art fairies
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torstai 23. elokuuta 2012

End of summer and arrival of autumn

Hello everyone:) Summer has gone by and left beautiful memories from places near and far.

Images you wish to maintain.

Bright sunny days turn into...

Different colors of leaves in full bloom

Between wondering in nature I've been surrounded by inspirational toughts once again I took part of Creative every day - challenge. Since these challenges go on all year I tought I could try making an artjournal. I haven't never done any. I've done note books but not illustrating them by myself.

For the cover I painted a mermaid with acrylics. I tought she swam well to the blue backround.

As for the challenge theme for this August is "Shadow". It took me sometime to think about it.
Then memory came to my head. Dream I had when I was a child about a mermaid. Intresting thing in that particular dream was that I only saw the silhuette of the mermaid. That's why I painted the shadow of the mermaid to add some contrast I added snowflakes to the page.

Have you every seen mermaids and fishes swimming in the snow? me neither:)
The next page is still unfinished as you can see. I'll upload better version when finished.

There is still time to take part to my postcard draw 'till september 1th
here is the directions:

For sometime I've been thinking that I should print some postcards from my artworks.

But in this case I would sell cards trought my web-page/blogs
and who know's if my cards gets reaally popular I might make some prints and posters aswell.

This is where you guys come in. I have many works here in deviantart also in my facebook fanpage
and in flickr  . Go to some of these sites. Choose 3 artworks you would like to see as postcard and one of them must
be winter/christmas related! then you send me an e-mail and there must be your contact info
names of the artworks you would like to see as cards and please write some information about that why did you choced those cards.

You got time all the way 'till september 1st 2012. I'll draw three winners (or maybe more who knows) and these winners get
free comissioned artworks from me, posters and of course postcards!

Thank you for visiting and please come back again soon

perjantai 17. elokuuta 2012

Fox of the purple season

"Fox of the purple season"

Once again I've decided to unite two of my favorite subjects.
My favorite season : Autumn
and one of my totemanimals: Fox

This is my latest ACEO (Artist card editions and originals) Size of ACEO is 2,5 x 3,5 in so this artwork isn't any bigger than a trading card.

I just listed this to my etsy shop please have a look

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